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 I am a first generation American in my family raised by a single mother. I grew up seeing her struggle to survive and provide for us with no access to wellness opportunities in our community. Self care was a luxury. It is because of my own family experiences that I feel so called to run our space in a way that provides opportunities for those in the community who struggle with access to wellness opportunities. 


Our vision with our wellness events and classes is to make them accessible to all who feel the pull towards the practice. Our intent is for wellness to be financially available to all and for all to be welcomed despite any personal circumstance or hardship. Because of this, we offer a sliding scale payment system. For a sliding scale to work without burdening our practitioners or each other, it relies on the principles of truthfulness, not taking what is not freely given, and generosity. We understand this price may vary each session permitting you to give a little less and sometimes a lot more.

Yoga Sliding Scale


Children's Wellness Class

$75-$85 for six week session

How do I know where I fall on the sliding scale and how much I should give?

We understand that every situation is unique but below is a general guideline to help you understand how much you can afford to give:



lower end of scale

I am anxious about meeting my basic needs and sometimes cannot


I cannot vacation or take time off without a big burden


My debt prohibits me from meeting basic needs


I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them


I rent lower end properties or have insecure housing


I do not own a car or struggle to pay for gas

NIvel 1

Primer nivel de escala

Estoy ansioso por satisfacer mis necesidades básicas y, a veces, no puedo


No puedo ir de vacaciones o tomarme un tiempo libre sin una gran carga


Mi deuda me prohíbe satisfacer las necesidades básicas.


Rara vez compro artículos nuevos porque no puedo pagarlos


Alquilo propiedades de menor categoría o tengo una vivienda insegura


No tengo auto y lucho para pagar la gasolina


Middle of sliding scale

I meet my basic needs but am sometimes anxious about achieving them


I vacation sometimes and save some money without undue financial burden


My debt does not prohibit me from meeting my basic needs


I am able to buy some new items and thrift others


I own a home or rent a higher end property

Nivel 2

Segundo nivel de escala

Satisfago mis necesidades básicas pero a veces estoy ansioso por lograrlas.


A veces voy de vacaciones y ahorro algo de dinero sin una carga financiera indebida.


Mi deuda no me prohíbe satisfacer mis necesidades básicas.


Puedo comprar algunos artículos nuevos y ahorrar otros


Soy dueño de una casa o alquilo una propiedad de categoría superior

Level 3

upper end of scale

I am able to meet my basic needs


I am employed or do not need to work


I vacation regularly and save money without financial stress


I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attaining my needs


I can always buy new items

Nivel 3

Tercer nivel de escala

Soy capaz de satisfacer mis necesidades básicas.


Estoy empleado o no necesito trabajar


Voy de vacaciones con regularidad y ahorro dinero sin estrés financiero.


Puedo tener alguna deuda, pero no prohíbe satisfacer mis necesidades.


Siempre puedo comprar artículos nuevos

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