Kids Classes/Events

Mind, Body & Soul for Kids

Mind, Body, & Soul for Kids with Ms. Sasha


This 60 minute class will focus on tending to the mind, body and soul of every child through movement, fitness, play, art, crafts, and talking circles. Classes will be small in size to provide safety, friendship, and connection amongst the students. Each class will be 30 minutes of active fitness using equipment to help develop strength, tumbling skills, coordination, and flexibility, 10 minutes of sharing/talking circle, and 20 minutes of crafts, art, creative activity, and meditation. 

$65-$85 sliding scale for 6 week sessions 

$45-$65 sliding scale for 4 week sessions

Next 6 week session: Wednesdays February 2nd 2022 - March 16th 2022 (NO CLASS ON MARCH 2nd) 

Ages 3-5 - Wednesdays 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Ages 5-7 - Wednesdays 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm 

Ages 8-12 Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm ---- FULL but accepting names for waitlist 

Ecstatic Dance For Kids


Ecstatic Dance for Kids with Ms. Daisy


Kids are natural movers and shakers, its a language many of them prefer to communicate through. This class is an opportunity for kids to get all wiggles out and express any feelings that they have not been able to express through words. Children will learn to embody their feelings safely, respect others expression & space, and communicate with others through movement, energy & eye contact. Children of all abilities & needs welcome. 


$15-25 sliding scale 

Last Friday of the Month 5:00-6:00pm

April 29th, May 27th

Ages 5-12

Massage and Movement for Toddlers

Massage and Movement for Toddlers with Ms. Daisy:

Children first explore their environment through touch and movement. It is the mother of all senses from which the other senses develop. Discover how you can promote your child's communication, emotional resiliency and overall wellness & development, all while building a positive connection through nurturing touch and play. Parents will experience relaxation that they will be able to transmit to their kiddos and an opportunity for play and strengthening fine motor skills on gymnastics equipment.

Sliding Scale $65-$85 for 6 week session


Next 6 week session: Wednesdays April 6th - May 11th 


Ages Crawlers to 2 years old 

Wednesdays 2:30 pm -3:30 pm 

Massage and Movement for Infants


Massage and Movement for Infants with Ms. Daisy:

Did you know that touch and movement is the very first sense we all develop? Come experience the life lasting benefits of nurturing touch & massage for your baby, you and your entire family. This will be a relaxing & fun environment for you and your baby to connect. Caregivers will learn 10+ Massage routines, and their specific benefits. Parenting topics will be discussed. Other benefits of this course is the bonding and attachment for caregivers and infants that helps release oxytocin for both caregiver and infant, helps release breastmilk, helps with postpartum depression, helps with developmental communication, brain development, and reflexology. Children with medical & other extraordinary needs are welcomed. 

Sliding Scale $65-$85 sliding scale for 6 week sessions 

Next 6 week session: Wednesdays April 6th - May 11th

Ages Birth-to Sitting

Wednesdays 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm